Starseed Semantic NLP solution

What is NLP and how is it different form Semantic NLP?
What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural language processing (NLP) refers to the branch of computer science‚ÄĒspecifically, artificial intelligence or AI that gives computers the ability to understand the text and spoken words. In short, NLP is the technology used to aid computers in understanding the human language (English, Chinese, etc.).


NLP had existed since the early 1950s when Georgetown University and IBM first attempted the fully automatic, machine-generated translation of more than 60 Russian sentences to English. Still, since then, it has come a long way.

Use case examples

NLP is all around us; here are a few examples of its current public use:
Google Translate
Smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Siri
Gmail spam detection

Starseed Semantic NLP

Semantic is the study of the meaning of words. "We are taking a sentence apart by its meanings to separate the wheat from the chaff. "

Grammar independent

Starseed focuses on the meaning and idea of the sentence, paragraph, or whole body of the text. Thus, improper grammar or language barriers don't affect the result of the analysis.


Semantic analysis results in the most accurate architecture that can confidently predict the user intents with more than 99.34 % accuracy.


Starseed filters only the most semantically relevant data, increasing the calculations speed exponentially.