Global Social Listening

Case Study: English Premier League

The world is changing faster than ever; consumers are more sophisticated and harder to predict. If your organization doesn't have a global social listening strategy in place, you're ignoring a goldmine of hidden insights available to help build your business empire grow.


More than 90% of online conversations do not mention a brand by tag or @mentions.

One of any entity's biggest challenges is tracking the people who often talk about their brands in different social accounts, blogs, videos, news sites, podcasts, message boards, chatrooms, and more. So the question becomes, how do you navigate through the torrents of information to find the conversation streams relevant to you? That's where Starseed's AI-enabled Semantic NLP solution comes to the rescue.


Go Beyond Monitoring Social Platforms, Hashtags, Or Keywords

Auto-Search - Powered by AI

Starseed AI collects millions of conversations across social accounts, blogs, videos, news sites, podcasts, message boards, chatrooms, and more.


Starseed AI automatically categorizes your brand conversations into categories such as main topics, demographics, behavior, geography, lifestyles, etc.
It also provides additional insights for each type, such as consumer sentiment, emotional state, and even abusive language in proper context..


Starseed AI automatically analyses main topics, subtopics, and trends, to give you the context and reasoning for consumer sentiment and behavior.


Starseed AI automatically suggests white space opportunities before your competitors do and offers appropriate Advertising Content tailored to each consumer's preferences based on their online behavior and emotions.

Case Study: English Premier League

Starseed’s sophisticated AI architecture and Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) ecosystem allows you to move beyond the conventional social listening tools. Instead, it helps you to build a substantial understanding of precisely how fans and potential future consumers think about your brand or your competition by examining what they talk about or share on various social channels. This is an incredible market research opportunity available in real-time at your fingertips.

"You Can Only Engage When You Know The Topic Of A Conversation"


Our goal was to identify the real-time conversational topics happening around the English Premier League on Dec 6th, 2021. For that, we used the Starseed Semantic NLP technology to collect and analyze hundreds of thousands of real-time online conversations from various social platforms and online resources such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, fan blogs, and online forums.


Using Starseed Semantic Global Data Analyzer, we were able to get a deep and data-driven understanding of the English Premier League fanbase without a need to specify keywords, hashtags, or any other conventional marketing norms. The results were nothing short of a gold mine of meaningful insights into the fans' mindsets, market opportunities, and more.

Audience Breakdown, Contextual Understanding, and the Sentiment:

To understand the Premier League fanbase and what they think or care about, we used Starseed's to auto-collect, organize, and semantically auto-generate various groups for posts using main conversational topics as the criteria. This step auto-generated structured data that divided all collected online opinions into multiple buckets: teams and players, the league, season, travel, tickets, products, and more.

Next, Starseed broke down the core audience globally by traits such as demographic behavior, geography, and lifestyles within each created bucket.
Finally, Starseed's Emotion Analyzer further dived deeper into each online opinion's tone, emotion, impact, intensity, nuance and organized the data by Positive, Neutral, Negative, along with flags for Abusive language within each bucket.

The final result is a comprehensive snapshot of all conversations organized by various topics and consumer sentiment within each topic and proper context.

Online Abuse Detector:

Using a Starseed Online Abuse Detector, we could detect a small portion of angry fans and identify the cause. Online Abuse Detector is a great tool to detect and prevent mass online abuse and help you make a more informed decision about your response.

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