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Beauty and Cosmetics (B&C)
Skincare & Hair Care

AI-driven analysis for real-time market trends, products, ingredients, predictive insights, and benchmarking data in the skincare industry

Mining & Metals (M&M)
Benchmarking and Market Trends

AI-enabled analytics for benchmarking and market assessments within the Mining & Metals industry.

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Consumer Packaged Goods
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG)

AI-driven insights for market trends, product sales, ingredient advances, predictive analytics, and benchmarking in FMCG

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Environmental Services
Water Waste , Utilities & Environmental

AI analytics for benchmarking, trend analysis in Water Waste, Utilities, Environmental Services sector.

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Starseed AI sits at the intersection of artificial intelligence and business intelligence. We combine cutting-edge large language models with predictive analytics to deliver unparalleled insights. Our proprietary AI frameworks analyze massive datasets while our predictive algorithms identify trends and opportunities.

This powerful combination of AI and BI enables us to transform competitive and market intelligence. Our state-of-the-art SaaS platform empowers organizations to make smarter, faster data-driven decisions.




CPG and Beauty businesses are swamped by consumer opinions and vast amounts of raw data, which complicates the market demand predictions. Transforming this unfocused data into real-time, predictive insights poses a significant technological challenge.

Starseed provides real-time AI-driven solutions for identifying and predicting winning products, trending ingredients, geographic demand variances, and emerging consumer segments using advanced NLP and PMA architectures.

Powered by Cutting-Edge Technology


Dive deep into multilingual text with a state-of-the-art engine that extracts essential insights. This fusion of deep learning, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis, entity recognition, and intent recognition offers unparalleled precision and depth in data interpretation.


Leverage proprietary algorithms that adeptly forecast trends and future events, drawing on comprehensive multivariate historical data for unmatched accuracy.


Utilizing state-of-the-art Large Language Models (LLM) techniques, we craft concise takeaways and conclusions from the insights derived.

Text Translation

Leverage advanced Many-to-Many language translation models, encompassing 100 languages, to skillfully extract and interpret insights from diverse sources.

AI & Data Pipeline

Benefit from a robust data pipeline that effortlessly integrates and readies vast real-time datasets for precision modeling.


Harness advanced computer vision techniques to extract meaningful insights from images, videos, and various visual media.

Our Services: Where Tech Meets Excellence

Cloud-Based Software

Discover Starseed's cutting-edge SaaS platform, powered by proprietary AI. We harness the capabilities of natural language processing, advanced predictive analytics, expansive language models, and computer vision to swiftly analyze text, audio, and visuals in over 100 languages. Our advanced machine learning pinpoints market trends, spotlighting top products, popular ingredients, regional preferences, and budding consumer niches.

Business & Market Reporting

Starseed Business & Market Intelligence reporting leverages our proprietary AI frameworks to produce in-depth business reports.

Our reports include:

  • Brand intelligence: Brand tracking, competitor benchmarking, campaign analysis, social media listening, sentiment analysis, and brand equity measurement.
  • Market intelligence: Consumer trends, product demand forecasting, industry, and market share analysis.
  • Predictive market feedback: for product launches in sectors like CPG & Beauty


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