The Multi-Modal Fusion AI for External Cybersecurity

Starseed is an all-in-one suite providing market intelligence and external cybersecurity by monitoring trends and protecting brands and SKUs online and on the dark web.

Sales Projections
Real-time Trend
30+ Markets
Risk Assessments

Why Starseed?

62 Tailored AI Models
6B CPG Products
310M Customer Reviews
60M Online Conversation/Month
32 Local Markets
100+ E-commerce Platform

Unlock the Power of Real-Time Insights with Starseed AI.

/ 1. Real-Time, Accurate Insights:
Starseed AI detects trends in real-time with a precision rate of 96.72% and an F-score of 94.58%, enabling businesses to stay ahead of competitors and make data-driven decisions swiftly.
/ 2. Comprehensive Data Integration and Coverage:
Unifies diverse data sources (social, e-commerce, news, and sales) across 32 markets, processing 310 million customer reviews and capturing 60 million online conversations per month, providing a holistic view of consumer behavior and market trends.
/ 3.Enhanced Consumer Demand Forecasting:
Accurately quantifies consumer demand and projects sales, optimizing inventory management and marketing strategies through detailed analysis of 30,000 items per minute and monitoring over 100 e-commerce platforms daily.
/ 4. Advanced AI and Competitive Analysis
Utilizes 62 custom machine learning models and unique CPG Gen-AI built on Llama3 to enhance data interpretation and report generation, while also monitoring competitor activities and market movements for informed strategic decisions.