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Real-Time Consumer Centric Business Intelligence

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A Revolutionary AI NLP
For Real-Time Data

Starseed revolutionary patent-pending, voice-enabled Semantic Natural Language Processing (NLP) solution, is the only legitimate Semantic AI technology available for enterprises. With our industry-leading AI, Starseed, you can discover, store and retrieve relevant information buried in terabytes of text and instantly put it at your fingertips.

What We Do:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Data Intelligence
  • Semantic Search & Recommendation
  • Conversational AI
Starseed Business Intelligence

Harnessing the Power of Real-Time Data

Item 1

Real-Time Business Intelligence & Trend Analysis

  • Live Consumer Listening

  • Global Consumer Intelligence

  • Multiple Intent Recognitions

  • Topic Modeling

  • Conversational Topics & Subtopics

  • Brand Health & Performance

  • Brand Sentiment & Emotion
  • Item 1

    Real-Time Brand Surveillance and Security

  • Track digital footprint
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Live Crisses Managemen
  • Topic Modeling
  • Live Sensitive Topics Analyze
  • Live Brand Name and Visual Misuse
  • Trademark Monitoring
  • Item 1

    Real-TimeConsumer Data & Distribution

  • Consumers and Their Communities
  • Comprehensive Consumer Data
  • Predicting Brand Affinity
  • Audience Propensities
  • Behavioral Insights
  • Data Driven Contextual
  • Location-Based Devices
  • Location-Based Audiences
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